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MYOS PROPERTY.COM, connoting “Make Your Own Space” is an Android/IOS/Web Application that provides information to land owners to explore the built-up area, 3-D Visualization and valuation of the property. This online platform is one stop shop in real-estate. More than the regular, enabling the users to cover land owners, builders & developers, real estate agents, architects & interior designers, civil engineers, regulatory agencies and government agencies.


In Real Estate, making choices and finding verified sources can be a risky call. But with MYOS, you can secure the best connections and the best deals! Here are some impeccable features you can take advantage of.

Property Valuation with 3D Design

  • Instantly find Property Value anywhere in India.
  • Conceive a 3D View along with building envelope.
  • The “cost calculator” provides the ‘MYOS’ viability ratio of the property.
  • The building envelope is based on updated local body regulations and provides an insight about the legalities.
  • Get a 100% vastu compliant building envelope.

Cut The Hassle

This app offers a seamless interface to know your land value, conceive 3D models and benefit from numerous other features in just 3 simple steps. You can be a real estate pro with complete ease!

  • Save Time
  • Save Money

Mobile App Workflow

This unique interface can redefine your real estate decision making experience to be easy, quick, and the most cost effective. Conceive a 3D model for your specified coordinates in just 3 simple steps.

We are Stronger than the Competitors in
Technicality & Providing Innovative Features

  Buy Sell Rent Property Valuation 3 D Model Interpretation of Development Control Regulations Cost Calculator/ MYOS Viability ratio Property Guarding Service Providers
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A UI Soo Easy & Smart

MYOS PROPERTY.com is a computer implemented system that provides a unique building visualization solution in the most seamless way giving a complete control and knowledge of your property. Experience real estate like never before.


Just pin your property co-ordinates to derive 3D envelop, built up area based on road width & local body regulations.


Premium 3D commercial building envelop based on the regulations & vaastu parameters.


Scientific ways of deriving strategies for property development considering land cost, saleable cost...etc .


Expertised service providers with authentication for undertaking projects in your property .


Selection of developer/builder based on the earlier projects constructed along with previous clientale contacts & achievements.


Monthly bulletin reports on your property from ground zero level along with visuals .

Company Credentials

Startup Recognition

Recognized as Start – Up by department of Industrial Policy & Promotion, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Govt. of India with certificate no. DIPP23338 and applied for Tax - Exemption under Section 89- IAC of Income Tax Act.

Intellectual Property Rights

Applied for Intellectual Property Right (IPR) under name of Mentor Dr. D. Vijay Kishore to Controller General of Patents, Designs & Trade Marks, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Govt. of India with application no. TEMP/E-1/6206/2018 -CHE.
Attained Trade mark for name MYOS PROPERTY.COM

Copy Rights

Applied for Copyrights under name of Mentor Dr.D. Vijay Kishore to Registrar of Copyrights. Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Govt. of India with application no. 15063/2018-CO/L

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