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MYOS PROPERTY.COM, connoting “Make Your Own Space” is an Android/IOS/Web Application that provides information to land owners to explore the built-up area, 3-D Visualization and valuation of the property. This online platform is one stop shop in real-estate. More than the regular, enabling the users to cover land owners, builders & developers, real estate agents, architects & interior designers, civil engineers, regulatory agencies and government agencies.

MYOS PROPERTY.COM is a product from its parent company, “VOLUBILIS PROPERTY PRIVATE LIMITED”, founded by group of technocrats and architects along with a blend of professionals such as designers/ architects/ civil engineers / planners/ GIS experts/ 3–D developers/ valuation firms/ software professionals and other lead consultants from management/ allied disciplines.

This platform provides a unique building visualization solution, which enables user to conceive a 3-D model for a given plot size and height as per regulations. The application software once installed in a communication device of a user, enables the user to register in the application & find the information provided by it. MYOS PROPERTY.COM also provides better Return on Investment (ROI) for user for Business to Consumer (B2C) & Business to Business (B2B) development based on land value and zip code.

We have undertaken this gigantic task for 10 Metropolitan cities and 2 Tier II cities in the first instance followed by 20 Tier II cities in Phase II, with primary objective to make the cities of India sustainable & livable, by following proper setbacks/ FSIs & spaces habitable. The sole purpose is to make the common man real estate journey easy, with least cost within no time.

  • To make the citizens of the country to know their ‘Financial worthiness of the property in their possessions” and making India more vibrant. The habitants shall condition themselves with the design and cost calculations.
  • To conceive and promote new age thinking of ‘Products’ Pertinent to the construction and Real estate Industry.
To provide an affordable platform to the landowners to explore a comprehensive building design solution which is vastu compatible, by interpreting the development control regulations along with the cost component of the property.
  • Connecting the esteemed landowners to explore their buildable options and ‘MYOS PROPERTY.COM is working towards this direction with utmost care and humility.

  • Champion of many million land owning community. The building industry consists of architects, civil engineers, builders, contractors, interior designers, real estate agents, building material suppliers across the Nation that represent the full spectrum in the App, including those who invest, own, manage and develop in all sectors of property.

  • The MYOS PROPERTY.COM is a Led  lead by a strong executive leadership team, the MYOS PROPERTY.COM vision for the thriving building industry and creating prosperity to the land owners and building industry professionals.

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